Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of shopping at Mike's Flooring?

At Mike's Flooring we want you to feel that we are there for you and you are our #1 priority.

2. What is shopping with you like?

A small business like Mike's Flooring allows a more personal care and interest. We take the time to understand your needs as well as what kind of flooring you like! With over 40 years of experience we want to use our expertise to ensure you find the perfect match!

3. On average, how long will an installation take to finish in my home?

Most installations require 1 day only. It depends on the size of the job. Because we do all of our own installations we make sure we communicate with you about the length of your project.

4. I am not sure what kind of flooring to purchase. Do you offer personalized help and suggestions?

We take an interest in what kind of floor you would need in a specific area and what would be best for that area. We ask what you'd like to do in a specific area, what colors you want to use, and or what kind of pattern, if applicable, that you'd like.