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Flooring products and installation in Lisbon Falls, ME

As the largest, most exploited single surface in your home or business, your flooring has to be appealing and extremely durable. In order to get the most out of your flooring's aesthetic and strength value, you need quality products and an expert installation. For the best in flooring products and services in Lisbon Falls, ME, rely on Mike's Flooring.

For over 40 years, Mike's Flooring has been the local leader in quality flooring products and installation services. During our four decades of service, Lisbon Falls residents and business owners have trusted our family owned and operated flooring company for products and services involving carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl and more.

If you want to outfit your home or commercial property with the best in flooring products and services, visit Mike's Flooring today.

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Enjoy the soft texture and colorful charm of carpet

Carpet sales and installation in Lisbon Falls, ME

Carpet is the most common type of flooring. Homeowners enjoy the plush texture and soft colors of carpet and often unknowingly benefit from its sound absorption and air filtering qualities. Additionally, carpet offers a warmer alternative during the cold winters in the Northeast. Mike's Flooring has a wide selection of carpet styles and colors, and offers seamless installation and carpet stretching services. To enhance your home with the qualities of carpet, come speak with one of our carpet experts at Mike's Flooring today.

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Tile and hardwood flooring in Lisbon Falls, ME

Tile flooring and hardwoods are ideal for adding beauty and resiliency to your floors. The versatility and impervious qualities of tile make it the perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, and the timeless look and durability of hardwood makes it fit for any room. Discover the beauty and durability tile and hardwood flooring can bring to your home with Mike's Flooring.

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Shop vinyl and laminate flooring in Lisbon Falls, ME

Are you interested in getting quality flooring for a bargain price? Vinyl flooring, vinyl planks, and laminate may be the solution. Vinyl offers many of the qualities of tile, but is available for a much lower price. And if you want the look and feel of hardwood but want a lower-priced product, consider our side selection of vinyl planks and laminate.

For the best in flooring products, services and overall value in Lisbon Falls, ME, come explore the flooring options at Mike's Flooring today.

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